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Water Pump

Water Pump

Water Pump

We are offering quality tested range of Water Pump that is used for moving liquid by using mechanical process. These pumps are used in wells, aquarium filtering, pond filtering and aeration. This is also demanded in energy industries for pumping oil and natural gas or for operating cooling towers. The water pumps exported by us have centrifugal designs, which help to move water. It has an impeller which is rotating disk with a set of vanes couple to the engine shaft, thus, producing centrifugal force within the pump casing.

NT495,NTA495,NT743, NTA743
NT855, NTA855
VTA1710, VTA28
KT19, KTA1150, KTA2300, KTA3067, KTA38, KTA19, KTA50, KTA50 G1, KTA50 G2, KTA50 G3, KTA50 G5

OE - BM76506NH 220/N743
OE - AR4284NT 855
OE - 3801713NT 855
OE -3801784NT 855
OE- 3801714NT855
OE 3801715 3801716NT 855
OE 3801788 3801712NT 855
OE 3801708 3801712NT 855
OE 3803138 3803140NT 855
OE 3011723VT/VTA 28
OE 3022920KT/KTA 19
OE 3634038KT/KTA38
OE 3634038KT/KTA 50

Cam Follower Assembly and Spares

Cam Follower Assembly and Spares

We manufacture and export Cam Follower Assembly and Spares for Water Pumps.

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